Cosmetic Tattooing During Your Treatment

I work with you to achieve the look you desire.


The time required for the initial treatment is long, due to the number of steps that are involved.


The forms that need to be completed at the initial treatment include:

  • Client Personal details*
  • Medical history
  • Media release


Pigment colours will be selected with your approval, and then the appropriate topical anesthetics will be applied to numb the areas to be tattooed. Careful measurements are then taken and an outline is drawn onto your face. A final makeup design will be created with your approval, as the template to follow during your treatment. Once the prep work is completed, the tattooing process begins, which may take an hour or more. Before and after photos will also be taken for your confidential file.


The room and equipment is sterilised before and after each treatment with hospital-grade antiseptic. Needles, caps, sleeves, pigment cups, gloves and transmission posts are all disposable and are opened in the presence of the client. Leftover pigment or unused materials are discarded.


It is my goal to keep my clients as comfortable as possible and therefore use the strongest and safest topical numbing agents available for use for cosmetic tattooing.


The pigments and disposable components are quality products purchased from the United States.


Once the treatment has been completed with your approval, after-care instructions will be carefully explained. You will be given a copy of these instructions to take home to follow.


*Client information is strictly confidential and are maintained securely on the premises.