While women spend a lot of time and money on mascara, it's the eyebrows that can really make a difference in a woman's appearance.


Starting at the age of 30, women's facial muscles begin to change. This affects the shape and symmetry of their eyebrows, since eyebrows play a large role in our facial expressions.  Droopy eyebrows make people look sad, stern, angry, and even older than they actually are. Having perfect eyebrows adds a youthfulness to one's look that no mascara, eye shadow, or eyeliner can achieve.


How Permanent Eyebrows Can Help You

Permanent eyebrows help women and men whose eyebrow hair is lightly coloured, thin in places, sparse overall, or non-existent. Eyebrow hair loss can result from years of tweezing or waxing, medical conditions (e.g. scars or Alopecia), or medications (e.g. chemotherapy). Eyebrow tattoos eliminate the daily use of pencils or powders to fill-in, reshape, or recolour brows. Eyebrow shape, thickness, colour, density, height, balance, and symmetry can be corrected once and for all with eyebrow tattooing to improve the attractiveness of a person's face.


Eyebrow Shape and Design

Eyebrows 'frame' the eyes and are a reference point that determines how facial features are perceived. The appropriate eyebrow shape and size can appear to lift a person's eyes creating a more youthful appearance. Properly designed eyebrows can balance the distance between eyes or modify the look of prominent or deeply set eyes. A good eyebrow design can also make cheekbones appear more defined and influence the perception of the person's nose size.


Eyebrow Tattoo Options

  • Eyebrow Enhancement:

This procedure is for people with thin, partial, or very light eyebrows. It supplements existing eyebrow hair to improve shape, thickness, arch, or balance. Also, bald spots or bare sections can be hidden or filled-in.  For the most natural look, a simulated hair stroke technique to create hairs.  She can also achieve a soft shaded or powdery look.


  • Feathering:

This technique is distinctly different from other methods and designs. Tiny angled hairstrokes are tattooed into the eyebrow area following the natural grown pattern to simulate the look of eyebrows. The result is dimensional and natural, instead of rigid ly defined. Since there is minimal trauma to the skin, healing time is rapid and result immediate. Be ready to go out for dinner the same day!


  •  Full Eyebrow Creation:

This procedure is for people with very sparse or no eyebrow hair. Eyebrows are created from scratch in a shape that is most flattering to the face. can  Brows can be created using a powder or soft fill-in technique with the addition of the  feathering  technique to assimilate hair strokes.


Eyebrow Before

Eyebrow After (blend of powder technique and feathering strokes)

Eyebrow Before

Eyebrow After