Permanent Lips

Many people are now discovering permanent lip make-up which frees them from their daily ritual. The procedure can be used to perfect lip, shape, define the natural lip line and enhance the natural lip colour giving a healthy appearance to the lips. 


Permanent lip make-up eliminates lipstick smearing and is embraced by lipstick and lip gloss connoisseurs because they can still apply their lip cosmetics as desired, but never be bare 24/7. That lip colour looks great on you.


Keep in mind, everyone's skin undertone tends to have a warmth or coolness to it. Warm skin will have golden, peachy undertones whilst cool skin has pink, purple, olive and ash undertones.


Generally warmer lip colours or those with a hint of yellow and orange will suit a warm skin tone- think cappuccino caramel and browns with suggestion of gold or bronze. For cool skin, lip colours in the blue - pink spectrum are good compliments - think classic beige with pink undertones, soft rose pinks, blue- toned reds, raisin, burgundy and chocolates.


You are of course part of the decision making process and you will generally be recommended to select from lip colours that look natural with your skin colouring. For an evening look you can always take your daytime lip colour up a notch by using a gloss or lipstick with a richer colour intensity.


Treatment Options

  • Barely there lip line definer

Defines the natural lip contour and is created in a similar colour to the natural lips. This enhancement is discrete and visible only at close view.


  • Impact lip line definer

Defines and if preferred extends passed the natural lip contour to give definition and fullness to the lip. This lip enhancement is usually created in a contrasting colour to the natural lips and gives a lip line make-up look.


  • Lip blush

Defines and if preferred extends passed the natural lip contour to give natural definition and fullness to the lip. The effect is complimented by shading that is blended softly towards the interior of the lip.

Full Lip Before

Full Lip After

Full Lip After (The Therapist)