Eye liner & Lash Enhancement

Subtle lash line definer $300.00 T & B lid
Fine Eyeliner $350.00 T & B lid
Thick and Ultra Thick Eyeliner $450.00 T& B lid


LIP Enhancement

Barely there lip definer $250.00
Impact lip line definer $300.00
Lip Blush $350.00
Full lip tint $400.00


Eyebrow Enhancement

Hair Strokes $400.00
Full Eyebrow Creation $400.00
Powder or Soft fill-in Technique $350.00


Other Treatments

Beauty Spot $100.00
Alopecia On Consultation
Areola On Consultation


Skin Needling Treatments

Face $100.00
Face and Neck $150.00
Face, Neck and Decolletage $175.00